Doing Pull Ups

Today was a big development day for Wes. He’s also learned how to pull himself up using an inanimate object (not mom and dad’s hands). Sorry for the video angle on this – I was self-shooting and had to use the diaper pail as a tripod.  He is using the changing table drawers as leverage and I’m holding the drawers shut while he pulls on the handles. Enjoy!

The Wanderer

I now have officially lost the ability to put Wesley down, walk away, and return to find him in the same spot. We have often said, “How in the world did you get there?” Well, now I have an answer to that, in video form. Though he’s not actually crawling yet, he’s dangerously close to it. In fact, yesterday he crawled about 2 feet at my friend Juliana’s house.  But, this video shows his ability to get anywhere he wants, even without crawling.

Our Chatterbox

Although no “real” words yet, Wesley is certainly trying to tell us something. We have a little video of one of his ramblings here. Just so you know, the camera is behind the couch because if Wesley sees it, he gets distracted and stops talking. So, we have to hide it.

The Tooth, the Whole Tooth, and Nothing but the Tooth

On September 4th, when Wesley was 5 months and 1 week old, his first tooth poked its pearly little head through Wesley’s gums. After weeks of drooling and complaining, it was nice to see the result. Not that the drooling and complaining were over. As those of you who have experienced teething before know, it takes a little while for said teeth to become photoable. Not only is the subject child usually very uncooperative, those little guys are pretty slow growing (Well, they’re fast in the scheme of things. Slow because I’m impatient.) But today I finally got a half-decent photo of them.

And, the doctor says they won’t be lonely for long. The top ones will be making their debut sometime in the next 2-3 weeks. Yikes.

Growth Update

Wesley had his 4 month check up (and vaccines) yesterday, so I just wanted to share his current stats:

25 3/4″ long – 75%-90% for height
16 lb. 10 oz – 75%-90% for weight
17 1/4″ head circumference – 75%-90% for head size

So, as the nurse said, he’s perfect. She literally said that a few times. I told her that I already knew that and that I tell Wesley that every day (I have a running joke that I’m going to ruin Wes for his future wife by constantly telling him that he’s perfect and no one is good enough for him. Oh, and that no woman will ever love him as much as his mother).

Belly Laughs

Today Wesley was on a laughing spree, and we caught some of it on tape. He loves when Josh tickles him, but it has to be with sound effects. Yes, this is another laughing video, but much bigger laughs than the previous one. If you’re a grandparent, be prepared to watch this one numerous times.

I should do stand up

Let me tell you, nothing makes you feel quite as good as making a baby laugh.  I’m pretty sure I’m the funniest person around. Josh experienced it on camera with the hand punching (so hilarious!), and now it was my turn. Of course, I make Wesley laugh constantly, it just seems that when the camera comes out, he is so entranced with it that smiles and laughter melt away.  Oh, and this was also his first game of peekaboo.

The Real Rollover

Yes, I know I claimed a couple of months ago that my prodigy was rolling over already, and I even had a video to prove it. Of course, as you may have seen, it was a “cheap” roll over. He had to have his arm under him already and had to get momentum from us rolling him from back to front. Well, now we have the real thing. Today was his first real roll over from tummy to back. We placed him face down with his arms splayed out and he got himself over onto his back.  He was able to do it four times in a row, so we know it wasn’t a fluke. And, yes, I did get a video of time number three.  What else would you expect from me?

A Real Laugh!

Last Saturday while we were at Josh’s parents house, Wesley had his first real laugh. Josh had just told a joke and we all laughed at it, and Wes joined right in.  It took us all off guard, which made us laugh, and that in turn made him laugh more. It was adorable. However, we didn’t get it on tape, so it will just have to live in our memories. But, never fear! He laughed again later this week and we had the camera handy. So, here, for your enjoyment: Wes’ second laugh ever.