7 Months!

Wesley turned 7 months this week. He’s over the hill – quickly heading toward that big 1 year old mark! I just can’t believe how much he’s changed in a few short months. Go here to see the comparison photos. Oh, and I weighed him today. He’s 20 lbs 13 oz! Holy cow.

1/2 year old!

Where did the time go? He’s already 50% done with his first year of life!  We had our 6 month well check yesterday and I’ve got some stats.

Weight: 19 lb – 75%
Height: 27 3/4 in. – 90%
Head: 17 3/4 in. – 75%-90%

And, of course, we took his monthly photo. Notice how tall he looks in that chair! If you’d like to see the other photos, click here.

5 months

Hard to believe it’s already been a month since the last monthly photo. I haven’t been able to update the blog much lately, mostly because Wesley has decided to switch things up a bit on me. By that I mean he is not happy about going to sleep. Not happy at all.

Anyway, here’s his latest monthly photo. To see the photos for months one through four, click here.

Three month photo

For some reason, three months has been a big milestone in my mind. I think it’s because it seems that babies are considered “newborn” until three months. And then they start to come into their own and become little people. Well, today’s the day that Wesley becomes a little person. Actually, he’s been showing signs of emerging from the newborn fog for a few weeks now. It’s so interesting to watch him really develop and start interacting with the world around him.

So, happy 3 month birthday, little Wesley. Here’s his documentary photo. Go here to see all three photos together.

2 Months?!?!

I can’t believe I have a 2 month old son. I know it still sounds so young, but he’s looking older and bigger every day. Yesterday we had our 2 month check up and some (gasp!) vaccinations.  We have decided to split up the vaccines and I’ve been meaning to blog about our decision (hey, if I blogged about having a home birth, why not take on the controversial issue of vaccinations?). Anyway, he only had one shot yesterday and he was a champ, but I was so nervous about it. I mean, what mom wants to see her baby get a needle stuck in him? 

We also got some stats. As of yesterday, little Wes is 13 pounds 9 ounces and 23 1/2 inches long. This puts him at 75% for height (uh-oh, he’s slowing down) and 90% for weight. His head circumference is 16 5/8 inches, which is 92%.

And, here is his official 2 month picture. (We’re putting a 12 month onesie on him and taking a photo every month in the same chair. Go here to see his one month photo.)

1 Month!

Can you believe that a whole month has passed since Wesley entered this world? Well, I don’t care if you can believe it – it has passed! And now, we officially have a one month old son.  He’s grown so much – a whole 2 pounds and 3 ounces, not to mention 2 inches in height and 1 3/4 inches in head circumference – and he’s already developing his own little personality.  He’s much more vocal these days, both in a good and bad way. And his cheeks are much chubbier.

We’ve decided to take a photo of little Wes once a month on the 26th (in addition to the millions of other photos on every other day of the month). What makes this photo special is that he will wear the same outfit and sit on the same chair each time. Soon, we’ll have a photo journal of his growth over the year. By the way, he’s wearing a 12 month onesie, and it didn’t actually look that big on him. I’m a little worried that he won’t be able to wear that same one for all 12 months. 

Oh, and for this particular month, Wesley is demonstrating his “sad” face. And so, without further ado, here is month 1: