Swimming Montage

This video represents two big things for the Clausen family. First is capturing Wesley at his second ever swim lesson. But the second, more exciting component is my first (and not last) foray into editing. Yes, I have been adding little titles here and there to the vids, but this is more than that. There’s fading in and out, there’s panning across pictures, there’s even a song to better set the mood. I hope you enjoy this montage of Wesley swimming with Josh this morning. Because, I hate to tell you, there will be more in the future.

You do have a choice. If you want the quick and dirty version (fast to download, small and pixilated to watch), click HERE.

If, however, you want a slightly better quality option that takes a little longer, click HERE (P.S. this is still pixilated, just not as much. Don’t expect HD, okay?)

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