He’s Leaving on a Jet Plane

Last weekend marked another first for Wesley. He flew for the first time. One thing I noticed is that baby sounds pierce through that airplane din and everyone for 10 aisles can hear any little noise they make.  I also learned that if you have a lap child you can only sit on the C & D side of the plane because that is where the extra oxygen mask is (sobering though, huh?).  Because of this little technicality, we had to be moved from our original seats and were given seats in two different rows. But, not to worry. When someone sees they will be sitting next to a baby, they will gladly switch places.

We were flying because we went to my sister’s baby shower. Yep, Wesley will have another cousin in just a couple of months.  Anyway, we used this opportunity as a mini-family reunion and my parents got to see how much Wesley has changed in just the short time since they saw him last. The next time they see him will be around Thanksgiving, so he’ll be eating solids and doing all kinds of things.

Here he is with his Papa Clayton wearing one of my favorite onesies.

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