My Dashboard Confessional

Ever heard that song called “Screaming Infidelities” by Dashboard Confessional? You may have and just not known what it was called or who sung it (I, for example, had to google it to find that information). Anyway, I now have new insight into one part of the song that says, “Your hair, it’s everywhere.” I believe that the songwriter’s girlfriend or wife must have recently had a baby and that her hair is now, quite literally, everywhere. I mean, I could keep all of the hair I’m losing these days, roll it up in a ball and make a little friend for my dog Eliot. It’s a massive amount! Every time I brush my hair the bathroom looks a little more furry. 

Is it not enough that new moms don’t have the time to shower or put on make up? Must Mother Nature also thin down their lustrous locks? What’s next, ill-fitting clothes? Oh, right… Thanks a lot, estrogen.

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