Solid Foods, Here We Come

This morning was an epic event in the Clausen household: Wesley ate solid foods for the first time! Well, I should say, he intentionally ate solid foods for the first time. We have decided to start with avocado. He made some priceless faces.

As you may expect, we captured those priceless faces on video. You can watch them here.

Dirty Thirty

Last Friday, I, along with my twin sister, turned the big 3-0. To celebrate, we decided to do two things. First, I threw myself a party. It was a pretty cool party, if I do say so myself. I did a Spanish theme and had tapas, sangria, churros and that really rich hot chocolate. And, then, we had a nostalgia weekend in my hometown of Tulare. The Tulare County Fair was last weekend, so Wesley had his first fair experience. Besides being H-O-T, it was pretty darn cool.  We ate every fair food we fancied, including, but not limited to, funnel cakes, deep-fried twinkies, and cinnamon rolls. We are still paying for those choices, let me tell you!

It is really important for me that Wesley grows up with some appreciation of animals and farming. If we stay in Orange County, aka Uber-Suburbia, he risks not knowing that a cow is a real animal and not akin to a unicorn.  So this weekend, I was off to a good start. He came face to face with sheep, goats, pigs, and cows.  Although we forgot our camera {hits head}, we were able to snap a few photos on my phone.

Now for the show and tell:

5 months

Hard to believe it’s already been a month since the last monthly photo. I haven’t been able to update the blog much lately, mostly because Wesley has decided to switch things up a bit on me. By that I mean he is not happy about going to sleep. Not happy at all.

Anyway, here’s his latest monthly photo. To see the photos for months one through four, click here.

My Dashboard Confessional

Ever heard that song called “Screaming Infidelities” by Dashboard Confessional? You may have and just not known what it was called or who sung it (I, for example, had to google it to find that information). Anyway, I now have new insight into one part of the song that says, “Your hair, it’s everywhere.” I believe that the songwriter’s girlfriend or wife must have recently had a baby and that her hair is now, quite literally, everywhere. I mean, I could keep all of the hair I’m losing these days, roll it up in a ball and make a little friend for my dog Eliot. It’s a massive amount! Every time I brush my hair the bathroom looks a little more furry. 

Is it not enough that new moms don’t have the time to shower or put on make up? Must Mother Nature also thin down their lustrous locks? What’s next, ill-fitting clothes? Oh, right… Thanks a lot, estrogen.

He’s Leaving on a Jet Plane

Last weekend marked another first for Wesley. He flew for the first time. One thing I noticed is that baby sounds pierce through that airplane din and everyone for 10 aisles can hear any little noise they make.  I also learned that if you have a lap child you can only sit on the C & D side of the plane because that is where the extra oxygen mask is (sobering though, huh?).  Because of this little technicality, we had to be moved from our original seats and were given seats in two different rows. But, not to worry. When someone sees they will be sitting next to a baby, they will gladly switch places.

We were flying because we went to my sister’s baby shower. Yep, Wesley will have another cousin in just a couple of months.  Anyway, we used this opportunity as a mini-family reunion and my parents got to see how much Wesley has changed in just the short time since they saw him last. The next time they see him will be around Thanksgiving, so he’ll be eating solids and doing all kinds of things.

Here he is with his Papa Clayton wearing one of my favorite onesies.

Growth Update

Wesley had his 4 month check up (and vaccines) yesterday, so I just wanted to share his current stats:

25 3/4″ long – 75%-90% for height
16 lb. 10 oz – 75%-90% for weight
17 1/4″ head circumference – 75%-90% for head size

So, as the nurse said, he’s perfect. She literally said that a few times. I told her that I already knew that and that I tell Wesley that every day (I have a running joke that I’m going to ruin Wes for his future wife by constantly telling him that he’s perfect and no one is good enough for him. Oh, and that no woman will ever love him as much as his mother).

Swimming Montage

This video represents two big things for the Clausen family. First is capturing Wesley at his second ever swim lesson. But the second, more exciting component is my first (and not last) foray into editing. Yes, I have been adding little titles here and there to the vids, but this is more than that. There’s fading in and out, there’s panning across pictures, there’s even a song to better set the mood. I hope you enjoy this montage of Wesley swimming with Josh this morning. Because, I hate to tell you, there will be more in the future.

You do have a choice. If you want the quick and dirty version (fast to download, small and pixilated to watch), click HERE.

If, however, you want a slightly better quality option that takes a little longer, click HERE (P.S. this is still pixilated, just not as much. Don’t expect HD, okay?)

For the grandparents

This video may not be interesting to anybody at all, but I have to keep up with the demand from the grandparents. So, here’s something from the wedding on July 18th. By the way, Josh made me do it.

First dance