The week in review

Had to share some cute pictures and give a little update.

Last week Wesley attended his first wedding. Yes, another “first” that most people may think is insignificant, but which I am noting nontheless. The best part of the wedding was that he got to sport his new (well, borrowed) dress up clothes. Just try to look at this photo without your heart melting.

Since we introduced Wes to the water, we have been taking him swimming every chance we get. So, of course, I had to get him a swim outfit. I wanted something that was long sleeve and had high SPF so we didn’t have to use sunscreen. I found one that I loved on the Alex & Me website.  Everyone comments that all he needs is a surfboard to complete the look.

Then, I found this pool float on Craigslist. He’s still pretty little in it (technically, it’s supposed to be for 6 months and older), so his bottom half floats up and it makes him lounge back. But, he has a grand time sucking on his sleeve and floating around.

We have enjoyed swimming so much with him, we have decided to do swim lessons. I found a place nearby called Swim Venture where they offer free group lessons for kids under 2. We went for the first time last Tuesday and Wesley loved it. In fact, I’m pretty sure the other moms were jealous of my smiling baby because those kids between 12 and 24 months were screaming in panic the entire time. So, my advice is, start young! We’ll be going again this Tuesday and I promise to provide video evidence.

Another big thing from this week is the addition of a crib into our bedroom. Until now, Wes has been jammed into the bassinet, but he could barely fit and I was sure that it was disrupting his sleep. So, we squeezed the crib between my side of the bed and the wall and now I have to inch my way through the 4 inches of space. But, it’s worth it and he transitioned very well into the crib (fyi, we’re in a 1 bedroom apartment, so this is really the only way he could sleep somewhere quiet during the day).

The Entertainers

Wesley’s playmat has been a huge part of his life ever since he first batted at that plastic turquoise bird. But, the poor little guy hasn’t had many other things that he could interact with because all he could really do was lie there. Of course, Josh and I entertain him with our faces, flying him around, reading to him, etcetera, but there are times when I need to put him somewhere for 20 minutes while doing dishes, laundry, answering the door or other things that are just easier when not holding an infant. So, I feared he was becoming bored of his dear playmat.

That is, until this week. Just a couple of days ago we tried out his exersaucer.  Well, it wasn’t the first try. We have had it set up for about a month, but his little feet couldn’t reach the bottom and he would just tilt forward and wait for someone to right him. So, we had to sit next to him and hold him straight. Also, he was not at all interested in the plethora of toys on that sucker.  But, as of this week he is now able to stand there on his  own and turn his little chair around to see all of the toys. He especially likes the three spinning wheels and the buttons that tell him the names of 5 animals in English and Spanish (gonna be a genius, I tell ya). There’s also a dinosaur puppet attached (what a great idea) that Josh and I have dubbed “Franklin” and who talks to Wesley in a rather high-pitched voice.

Then, today I decided to break out the doorway jumper I borrowed from my friend Juliana. I thought he might still be too small, but it was perfect. He doesn’t quite get that he can move around and bounce, but I think he’ll get the hang of it quickly.

I’m really excited for these developments because, to be honest, these are the things that keep moms sane. If we didn’t have safe places to stick our kids where they could entertain themselves for a while, we’d all go even more nuts than we already are. Bless you, Playskool, Baby Einstein, and Fisher Price. Bless you.

Belly Laughs

Today Wesley was on a laughing spree, and we caught some of it on tape. He loves when Josh tickles him, but it has to be with sound effects. Yes, this is another laughing video, but much bigger laughs than the previous one. If you’re a grandparent, be prepared to watch this one numerous times.

The Paternal Instinct

There is a topic about which I have been wanting to write for roughly 15 weeks and 2 days. It is something I noticed as soon as Wesley was born and that I have been curious about for months.  As you may know, women have this inate ability that, once they become mothers, they can wake up from a dead sleep when one of their children makes a little noise. This ability is hightened with newborns, and once the baby is a little older, the moms are able to determine if a noise is wake-worthy or not, all while sleeping. It’s pretty amazing.

Fathers, on the other hand, have been given by nature another unique and impressive ability. It is the ability to sleep through absolutely anything.  Josh has always had a talent for sleeping through some amount of noise, but what he has been able to accomplish in this department during his few months as a father has astounded me. For example, on the second day of our hospital stay, around 8 in the morning, the pediatrician came by to see Wesley for the first time. Josh was sleeping on one of those incredibly uncomfortable pull out chairs they have in hospitals for fathers. The doctor took all of Wesley’s vitals, which made him shriek like a banshee, then opened the windows so he could look at Wesley in the sunlight. He and I also had a conversation at normal volume. All in all, the doctor was there about 20 minutes. But Josh never knew. He slept through the entire thing and didn’t even know that they doctor had been there.  I was so impressed that he decided to deliver a repeat performance the next morning.

Of course, to be fair, Josh was incredibly exhausted after the long labor during which he got about 3 hours of sleep. So, perhaps the few days following Wesley’s birth are not valid examples.  However, I would not make this observation based on those days alone. Since then, there have been numerous 3am feedings and diaper changes of which Josh was blissfully unaware. He has really worked, though, to give me a hand and even this morning took Wesley out of the room so I could sleep in a little bit.  It’s not his fault he has this ability.  God must have known that women could operate on less sleep and would be more nurturing at the witching hours.

The Audition

I know I promised to tell you all about the audition Thursday, but I have to say all of the details would make a pretty boring post. The highlights were that Wesley smiled at the casting director about three times, but once that camera was on him, he stared at it, mouth agape.  We couldn’t get him to smile for anything (though, they only give you about 5 seconds). So, I’m not expecting much to come of it. Plus, it seems that the company the ad was for has clothes only for 12 month to 5 year olds. He was definitely the youngest at the audition. The other kids were old enough that their moms just said, “Smile” and they did. I was a bit jealous of that ability.

He’s gonna be a star!

So, I have something to share that I have been waiting to share until the time was right. A few weeks ago, Josh and I decided to sign Wesley up with a talent agent. I know, everyone thinks their child is the cutest on earth, but we have been told that by people who have their own babies. I mean, would someone say “Wesley is seriously the cutest baby I have ever seen” while holding their own son if he wasn’t actually cute? On top of that, Josh’s co-worker told him that he thinks most babies look like demon-spawn (his words, not mine), but that Wesley was actually really cute.  Maybe it went to our heads, but we believed them.

So, I sent photos out to about 30 talent agents and I got 4 bites. Not bad, huh? We decided to sign with Youth Talent Connection, got his work permit (yep, he’s a 3 month old with a permit to work), and set up his Coogan acount, which is a special bank account where 15% of his earnings are automatically deposited and his parents can’t get their greedy little hands on it.  Then, today, the news came – he has an audition! Tomorrow morning I will be taking our little star to downtown LA. His audition is at 10:42am (random much?) for a Walmart print ad. I’ll let you all know how it goes.

Oh, and here is his current headshot (for babies, they don’t expect professional shots since you have to update them every month):

I should do stand up

Let me tell you, nothing makes you feel quite as good as making a baby laugh.  I’m pretty sure I’m the funniest person around. Josh experienced it on camera with the hand punching (so hilarious!), and now it was my turn. Of course, I make Wesley laugh constantly, it just seems that when the camera comes out, he is so entranced with it that smiles and laughter melt away.  Oh, and this was also his first game of peekaboo.

Happy Fourth of July!

Today was a big day for the Clausen family and its newest member. It was Wesley’s first Fourth of July, and the first time he got in a pool! We went up to Josh’s parents’ house today to tend to their cat while they’re out of town, and decided to get a little pool time in while we were there (I’m sure they won’t mind. Right, Sharon?) Anyway, the little man did great. I wouldn’t say he was happy about the experience, but he wasn’t upset either. He even started moving his legs behind him in a kick-like motion (I won’t go so far as to say he was kicking. I’m pretty sure he was just waving those suckers around). As you may imagine, I have about 14 billion photos. But, I forgot my camera. so they were all taken on my phone. Here’s an action shot.

And here’s a self-portrait of a squinty family:

After swimming his heart out, little Wes was tired. So, he took a nap before we went to a big Independence Day shindig at our pastor’s house.  We had such a blast, and Wesley couldn’t help but be a ladies man. He had the girls falling all over him.

Which, for some reason, he got upset about. Maybe because he knew we’d post it on a blog and also keep the photo forever to show to all of his girlfriends. Or, maybe because he’s already worried about his mom trying to match him to her friends’ daughters so that I know I’ll like my in-laws. Or, maybe his arm just hurt.

Either way, all of us moms know that our kids will forever hide their faces in their hands when we pull this photo out. Yes, we all realize we’re pathetic, but it was so darned adorable. Could you blame us?

The Real Rollover

Yes, I know I claimed a couple of months ago that my prodigy was rolling over already, and I even had a video to prove it. Of course, as you may have seen, it was a “cheap” roll over. He had to have his arm under him already and had to get momentum from us rolling him from back to front. Well, now we have the real thing. Today was his first real roll over from tummy to back. We placed him face down with his arms splayed out and he got himself over onto his back.  He was able to do it four times in a row, so we know it wasn’t a fluke. And, yes, I did get a video of time number three.  What else would you expect from me?

Three month photo

For some reason, three months has been a big milestone in my mind. I think it’s because it seems that babies are considered “newborn” until three months. And then they start to come into their own and become little people. Well, today’s the day that Wesley becomes a little person. Actually, he’s been showing signs of emerging from the newborn fog for a few weeks now. It’s so interesting to watch him really develop and start interacting with the world around him.

So, happy 3 month birthday, little Wesley. Here’s his documentary photo. Go here to see all three photos together.