Osh Kosh/Carters Shoot

If you’ve seen my Facebook status in the past week, you know that Wesley booked a photo shoot for Carters. Well, now I have the time and energy to tell the full story, with photos.

On Monday, November 2nd, I got an email that Wes had a casting call at 7:30am the next morning in downtown LA. Not lots of prep time! But, I was able to get to bed early so I could get up at 4:45am to get him and myself ready to leave by 5:30am. The casting was pretty simple. We were there early, so we were fourth in line once the casting started. They took us in two at a time and put Wesley into a Carters outfit (he wore a baseball jersey onesie). Then, they took two photos of him, in which he refused to smile, and then said, “Thanks, you can go.” I was out of there by 8am.

On Wednesday, Wesley’s agent Heather (of Youth Talent Connection) called saying that he got the job. I was so stoked. The shoot was Friday morning at 8am. Again, I had an early morning ahead of me.

On Friday, I got up at 5:15 and woke Wes up at 5:45 for our 1 1/2 hour drive. Here he is, all stuggled in ready for the drive.

I was hoping he would sleep in the car, but he was alert the whole way. The shoot was at a large home and the staging area was in the back yard. Here’s a photo.

There was a blanket with some toys for the kids to play with. They were just shooting 9month sized kids at that time, so all of the babies were about the same age. One of the women was someone I had talked to at the casting call, so it was neat to see her again. This photo has Wesley and Jake (the son of said woman) hanging out on the blanket. See just how glamorous photo shoots are?

And here is a photo of the prop table. You can tell it’s a spring shoot with all of those Easter baskets.

So, Wes had woken up at 5:45. We arrived at 7:30am, got to the holding area at 8am (couldn’t be there early), and they finally called him in for his shoot at 9:30! He had been awake for nearly four hours, which is really long for him. I was a little worried that he wouldn’t crack a smile or would melt down. But, he was a champ.

I don’t have any photos of the shoot because it was strictly forbidden to take pictures of him in his Carters outfit. They changed him into a cute blue and brown monkey-themed sleeper and put him on this white fluffy bed with a stuffed monkey. The sleeper had little monkey faces on the feet, and they wanted to see the “foot art” as they called it, so they posed him with one leg bent. The baby wrangler did a great job of getting him to smile, and he acted fairly amused the whole time. Though, he did have a couple of crying breaks when he was getting overwhelmed. I was standing right next to him the entire time and was able to comfort him when he was a little fussy. At one point, I lifted him up in the air like he was flying and he started to smile, so they took some photos in that pose. So, there’s a chance that my arms will be in the photo! The photographer’s name was Laurie Frankel. You can see her website here with some gorgeous photos.

Afterwards, as I was changing Wesley back to his streets, he started melting down. He just couldn’t take anymore, so I took the little man to the Jeep and let him sleep in his car seat. But, not before taking a celebratory photo with mom.

And here he is all tuckered out from a hard day’s work.

The photo should be coming out in the spring. They do not tell you anything about where it will be, so we just have to keep an eye out. It will be for Carters, but it could be in a mailer, in the newspaper, on the internet, anything. If you see it before I do, please let me know.

And, to top it all off, we have another audition tomorrow (Monday, Nov 9) for a Walmart commercial! This would be a national commercial, so there would be residuals from it. I’m not putting all my hopes on it, but it would definitely be great to get it. Prayers, please!