Our Chatterbox

Although no “real” words yet, Wesley is certainly trying to tell us something. We have a little video of one of his ramblings here. Just so you know, the camera is behind the couch because if Wesley sees it, he gets distracted and stops talking. So, we have to hide it.

Man, he’s noisy

Of course, you know that baby’s are noisy. Wesley is no exception. But, I’m not just talking about that crying kind of noisy. No, he’s got a full repetoire of noises that both make me laugh (during the day) and make me cringe (during the early morning hours, when he goes for a grunting marathon that lasts about 2 hours). Anyway, we caught a few of his noises on tape. The first video is one where he’s sleeping in his bouncer. Now, you’d think that a sleeping baby is a quiet one, but you’d be wrong. Take a look.

The second video is another bouncer shot, but this time he’s wide awake. He’s started to make more talking kind of noises lately. These are some of them, and I think they mean ,”Stay away from my blanket fort!”